Helpful Links from Newcomers' Members During the Covid 19 Pandemic

Newcomers and Covid-19, pictures from Members!

Please send your photographs of “Life During Covid 19” to:

We will post them on the website, for members only! Questions, call Susan at 203-543-1612

Some Helpful Local Links 

Resources in Falmouth  -  Falmouth Human Resources

Resources for Families and Children - Falmouth Public Schools

Cape Resources  CapeNews

Wearing and Making Masks - Washington Post


Restaurants for takeout and delivery  - Falmouth Chamber of Commerce


Nightly Metropolitan Opera Streams

Classics for Comfort While Quarantined The New Yorker

Travel Blogs

World Wide Travel and Music  Rok Gi Yeon

52 Places to Go  NY Times

What Travel Writers are Reading  The Guardian

Museums, Gardens - Virtual Tours

Google Arts and Culture   -  Great starting  place 

Keukenhof Gardens, The Netherlands

British Museum  London

Heritage Museums and Gardens  Sandwich

Institute of Contemporary Art   Boston

Metropolitan Museum of Art  New York


Museum of Fine Arts   Boston

Museum of the City of New York

National Air and Space Museum  Wash. DC

National Museum of Natural History   Wash. DC


The LouvreParis 

Tomb of Queen Meresankh III


Mystic Aquarium

Woods Hole Science Aquarium 

New England Aquarium  

Take a Class

NOAA Webinars - Woods Hole Oceanograhic Institute

Free Online Classes  - Various Colleges

More Free Online courses  Hillsdale College



Other Activities

Print a design and color need colored pencils, markers or                                                       even a plain pencil...

300 Committee Trails 


How to Start A Garden Life Kit      NPR


Favorite Videos from our members

I Love Lucy

       Chocolates Factory 1:58

       Vitameatavegamin, 3:27

       Lucy Goes into Labor, 4:03

       Too Much Yeast 2:48

       Grape Stomping 2:01

Some Favorite Songs from our members

Kate Smith, God Bless America, 4:08

James Cagney - 'Yankee Doodle' Medley, 4:23

Gene Kelly, Singin in the Rain, 4:48

Judy Garland, Somewhere Over the Rainbow, 3:05

Beetlejuice - Day-o (Banana Boat Song), 1:57

500 Days of Summer - You Make My Dreams Come True, 2:06

Guys and Dolls, Sit Down, You're Rockin' the Boat, 2:25

7 Brides for  7 Brothers Barn Raising Dance,, 6:33

Yul Brynner and Deborah Kerr, "Shall We Dance", 4:44

Gordon MacRae OKLAHOMA!, Oh, What a Beautiful Mornin                                                                3:00

Tara's Theme,  Gone with the Wind, 4:22


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