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Susan Gilbert


As always I am incredibly grateful for all that you do; it makes being President a piece of cake! Board members, activity leaders, committee members, the list in endless. Thank you, you make us work as a club.

But there is another reason we work as a club and it’s called “showing up.” We have had a very successful winter so far. In January we had a square dance and a wonderful program on Healthy Aging. In February we all enjoyed learning about White Sharks. These events took a lot of planning, but they would not have happened without all of you “showing up.” We ran many activities during the winter months, about 60 to be more precise: Skiing, trivia, hiking, walking, dining out, dining in, wine tasting, scrabble, bowling, book clubs to name a few. They only worked because you “showed up.” On a cold February morning, I went to a walking group and imagine my surprise when more than 30 people “showed up.” We had a great time walking and, of course, chatting. We hardly noticed that it was 40 degrees outside!

Sometimes I see people complaining on social media that there is nothing going on in Falmouth in the winter and I say, “What??” There is so much going on in our club because we want to see people, make friends, and be a friend. Thank you all for “showing up!” Now, I am looking forward to more hours of daylight, Spring and moving the clocks ahead. But, thanks to you, the winter time in Falmouth is great!

In friendship,


P.S. Are you curious about Encore? After the March General Meeting (3/9/23) we’ll be doing a mini-informational session about Encore. Please stick around after the end of the main meeting to learn more about Encore.

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