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Susan Gilbert

Hello friends!

I have learned a lot about all of us since I joined Newcomers in 2017. We love to sing, dance, play games (Trivia, Bunco, Poker, Canasta, Bridge, Scrabble... ) and do all sorts of outdoor activities (kayaking, walking, biking, hiking, golf, skiing... ). And, we love to eat: Dining In, Dining Out, Dinner and a Movie, Nine and Dine. We even stop for coffee and sweets halfway through our Men’s and Women’s Walks!

With those big appetites come some really big hearts. We volunteer all over the place: Schools, the library, the senior center, nursing homes... We drive people to doctor’s appointments, bring hot food to the infirm; we help the homeless find shelter and food; we clean up litter. The list is endless.

But what we do best is help each other. I know some of you are carrying some heavy burdens right now: Grief, illness, loneliness, worry; it makes it hard to join in the fun times. Please remember, we are here. A shoulder to cry on, a listening ear, a helping hand, it’s what we do best. If you need us, please reach out. And when you can, join us in some fun activities and definitely some eating! And speaking of fun and eating, many thanks to all for planning a great Island Queen cruise with lots of yummy food! Here’s to Phyllis Huse, our VP for Socials, her assistant, Mary Gray, and the Island Queen social committee: Jeanne Glennon, Dena Quinn, Kathy Joffe, Rosanne Mili, Paula Foster, Greg Glennon, Peter Mili, Bob Jones, David Gleason and John Huse. Thank you, it was a great evening!

In friendship