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Ann Marie Cunha

Hi Newcomers,

Well, the time has come to start our Anniversary celebration!!! As I mentioned in January, this year represents 40 Years of Newcomers Club. Our tag line this year is “Forty Years of Friendship”. It’s amazing to think of all the friendships that members have made during these years. I can trace many of my friendships by remembering the Past Presidents I have personally known.

Seven years ago, when my husband and I joined, the president was Doris LaChapelle. She presided over our first General meetings and gave us a good understanding of how the Club works. Since the president changes every year, I have known seven different presidents. After Doris, Margaret  Souza became president. It was because of Margaret that we were first introduced to the Activities. We had not realized that we were missing this wonderful aspect of Newcomer’s Club. Thanks, Margaret!

Christina Brodie, the next president, was the ingenious person who organized the Board into its present format of two years for each position. This is working beautifully for continuity in our club! Jeanne Fortier, the next President, was so organized! Poor Jeanne was president during the beginning of COVID restrictions. Talk about having to be inventive!! Zoom meetings and Zoom talent shows for entertainment were great ideas!

Geri Smith continued the Covid protocol meetings and gradually restarted the Activities, Socials, and Programs. What a stressful year she had!! Susan Gilbert came next and is my direct predecessor and my mentor. I’m surprised that she still answers her phone when I call!!  Working with Susan has been a wonderful experience. I can’t thank her enough for her help and her wonderful friendship!
My personal history with the Newcomer presidents has shown me how Newcomers Club has changed over the years. Each president has been a pleasure to get to know and has helped me learn what to do as president. Thank you all for being so dedicated in the continuation of Newcomers Club through some very challenging, changing and growing years! This is my personal “Seven years of Friendship.” You can read other “Friendship” stories in this and future issues of the newsletter.

In Friendship,
Ann Marie Cunha

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