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Geri Smith

Holiday Greetings to all!

Each year I am reminded of the wonderful, warm feeling that the winter holidays bring. How amazing it will be if we each work toward extending the spirit of the holiday season throughout the year! Each act of kindness we offer to others will ripple through the community and be multiplied many times. For example, I am often reminded of the driver whom I let cut in front of me at a busy toll booth before automated tolls. When I drove up to the window, I was told that the toll had been taken care of by the driver in front of me. I have paid this forward a number of times and each time I am reminded of that earlier act of kindness and how much more than the $2.00 it meant to me. As we head into the holiday season, let’s remember to reach out to help others with acts of kindness and generosity and by paying forward “the toll of the person behind you!” Newcomers has a gracious history of making donations to those in need both individually and as a group and I feel honored to be part of such a giving community.
Our Newcomer Holiday Parade Committee has been busy planning for a float that represents our sense of community. Thanks to the generous donation of use of a flatbed truck by Lawrence Lynch Corporation of Falmouth. We thank Margaret Souza and John Huse for their leadership in making the float a reality, the committee who have given many hours to complete the task, and also all of you who will ride on the float, walk behind it and cheer us on from the sidelines on Sunday, December 5th.
I wish you a happy holiday, one that is meaningful to you and your traditions. Enjoy your family and friends and keep in touch with those who are at a distance. If you’re alone this year, consider reaching out to other Newcomers. Together you can ride through our beautiful town and enjoy the holiday lights that brighten up the dark evenings. And remember, that act of kindness is just as important as the wrapped gift!

Have a wonderful holiday.
Geri Smith, President