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Vice President for Membership

Karen Paré

Hello. It is my pleasure to serve on the Board as Vice President for Membership. Falmouth Newcomers is a social club of over 500 Falmouth residents who enjoy meeting fellow residents who are new to the area or who have had a life-changing event. We provide an opportunity to learn about the community and participate in enriching activities, social events, and programs. We have over 60 activities including biking, wine tasting, book clubs, current events, kayaking, dining in and out, field trips, golf, and scrapbooking to name just a few.

Membership is open to those who have lived in Falmouth for five years or less or have had a life- changing event such as change in marital status, death of spouse/partner, or retirement in the last five years. If you meet any of these requirements and would like to join us, please fill out the online application and release form.

We’d be happy to welcome you as a member of Falmouth Newcomers to meet new friends and adjust to your new surroundings while enjoying the many activities, socials, and programs. If you have any questions, please contact me at or 508-450-7281.

Vice President for Membership
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