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Vice President for Socials

Sue Sargalski

To Newcomers Members:
I am the Vice President for Socials for 2020-2021, and Ann Marie Cunha is the Assistant VP for Socials.
Since the phase-in process for Covid-19 has begun, some Socials events are now being held, following our Governor's guidelines. There are typically ten Socials held during the year, including events such as a wine tasting, a spring dinner dance, sailing on the Liberte', and more. These Socials provide members with an opportunity to socialize, meet new friends, and enjoy an afternoon or evening of fun and entertainment. You can find dates for future Socials listed on the website and further information and coupons will be in the appropriate Newsletter for each event. Please be aware that there may be some changes/cancellations due to COVID-19.
We look forward to a time when all Socials functions can once again be held and we can enjoy one another's company.
Sue Sargalski, Vice President for Socials - swhiteski@gmail.com
Ann Marie Cunha, Assistant VP for Socials - annmarie.cunha@gmail.com

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